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Using analyzeCli to migrate custom libraries


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    Adrian Williams

    Yes you should be able to export a custom library node from one Analyze system using the AnalyzeCli and then import it into a different system.

    For example, if you had a library node called "ReferenceData" in the source system:

    This would be exported using AnalyzeCli using the following command:

    analyzeCli --host analyze1.example.com --port 443 --protocol https export -f "C:/temp/ReferenceData.lna" "//Adrian/Forum/ExportLibraryNodeTest/ReferenceData"

    Note the path to the source library node uses the underlying path name (in this case "//Adrian") rather than the "My Document" folder name displayed in the UI - i.e. similar to the resource path information displayed in the properties panel. The exported library node is explicitly named with the .lna file extension.


    This could then be imported into the target Analyze system using the following command:

    analyzeCli --host analyze2.example.com --port 443 --protocol https import -d "//Adrian/ImportLibraryNodeTest" "C:/temp/ReferenceData.lna"


    Which results in the following:

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