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  • Archive Compress Node

    Maybe I am using this incorrectly but the output zip file does not work as expected. It will appear empty when opened in windows explorer, but if you open it with say, 7-zip you can see that the en...

  • Export to csv issue with spaces

    in LAE (and the imported to D360 version) when I am exporting to a csv, i have 3 spaces in the last field... but i am doing this differently.. Since my csv file has a footer row that is different f...

  • Do While Example (d360)?

    are there any good examples for the Do While loop node? Is it still using BRAIN script? Basically I have a list of data (24 rows) and I need to perform a function on each row (creating a file, uplo...

  • Mail Node, null vlaues

    With an email node, I have it set up so in some cases, it sends to certain addresses, and has attachements. Other cases, it doesnt. Currently, the fields cannot be Null. So i have to pass in an ema...

  • Agg Ex (Lavastorm) vs Aggregate (D360)

    in Lavastorm, Agg Ex, you could group by as well as include other fields to output.. like this: is there an easy way to do this in the new Aggregate? or do you have to go into the advanced and add...

  • Sort (superseded) - cant see the details

    I just noticed that you cannot tell what the sort is doing? it doesnt let you look at what its sorting by... I can open in Lava for now, but it should show you so it can be replaced with a new sort.

  • GET newest FTP file?

    Is there a way to get the most recent file that matches a pattern? some days multiple files are created and I need the newest one... exampleWIN_APF_03092020100544.csv WIN_APF_03092020021851.csv WIN...

  • Blank property possible?

    I would like to have a property that, if left blank.. gets a default value. Im thinking it wont work. in a python node  FLD="DEFAULT" FN="{{^FolderName^}}"if FN is not None:     FLD=FN   it breaks ...

  • Excel import and Modify Fields (Unicode to date)

    I have an excel sheet that I import that occasionally has fields that are null. I cant Modify these to what is needed. Example From_Date on the sheet is null. I tried importing as is, so excel sets...

  • Check for Zero records (Record Count)

    I need to check for a record count.. if 0 records output one value, otherwise output another... So I tried using an agg and doing a count... which outputs no rows if zero...  so in my transform nod...